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Equi-Thème Micro Socks X-Carbon

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Soft microfibre thermo regulating and anti-sweating socks. These high tech socks ensure a perfect hold and keep your feet dry. The carbon fibres increase muscular performance by helping blood circulation and bringing a steady supply of oxygen to the cells. These socks’ exceptional breathability allows moisture to evaporate quicker. Foot temperature variations occur 3 times less often than with regular socks. Central anatomic reinforcement to support muscles and keep the socks from slipping. A natural rubber thread is added to enhance comfort and increase durability. Made with high tech materials that ensure a perfect hold and keep your feet dry. Sandwich knitting for excellent breathability and better moisture wicking. Hand grafted for a flat and non-chafing finish. Inner foot in shock absorbing terry, and shaped toe for a perfect fit. Composition: 62% polyamide, 35% polyester Coolmax®, 2% elastane and 1% carbon. Machine washable at 30°C.