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Masta Fly Mask - Face & Ears

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This very comfy version of Masta’s fly mask includes full ear coverage against flies and other biting insects. It also blocks harmful UV rays that can damage your horse’s skin and coat.

Your horse will find this mask safe and comfortable to wear, with mesh that stands well clear of the eyes. With complete coverage of eyes and ears, so flies are blocked from these sensitive spots, your horse is left to graze in peace.

Plus, the mask is light silver in colour so it reflects the sun’s rays as well as being specially treated to block them.

What’s more, the soft fleecy edges of the mask which rest gently on your horse’s face also provide a substantial barrier against flies. They stop rubs too, which can be another summer issue for some horses.

A secure hoop and loop fastening keeps the mask in place over the ears and eyes. It’s a very adjustable mask as well, so you can find the best fit for your horse.

This mask keeps your horse’s sensitive face and ears free of flies so that you can both relax and enjoy your time together.