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Masta Full Neck Turnout Rug

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Masta Full Neck Turnout Rug. Super strong and secure 2500 denier polyester/nylon mix fabric that is not only tough but also smooth so other horses find it difficult to get a grip of. Fully waterproof and breathable with detachable leg straps. Winter warm 350 gram thermal fibre fill, gusseted tail flap and generous deep pattern for a cosy rug with complete protection. Shiny coat, anti-rub lining which promotes a clean & shiny coat. Easy to use fastenings, full chest adjustment to fit perfectly to your horse then just use Masta's trademark One Click fastening. Shoulder gusset for an enhanced fit, freedom of movement and prevention of shoulder rub. Rolled reflective piping for 360 degree reflectiveness, reflective strip detail at the front and rear and reflective Masta badge for added safety. An antibacterial finish has been added to the Masta embossed soft feel lining for a clean and healthy coat.