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eQuick eShock Fetlock Boot

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Fetlock Boot. Specially designed to ensure greater responsiveness of the hind legs and focus horse’s attention on rear end action. Two adjustable velcro straps allow for fine tuning of pressure.  Unique bubble in the gel shell greatly reduces impact on the leg increasing capacity to absorb shock. A professional boot not permitted for lower level and age restricted jumping classes. Their particular design is studied to ensure greater responsiveness of the hind legs of the horse during the jump, allowing more thrust and a significant improvement in performance. The protections eUp are equipped with adjustable straps, to adapt them at the various needs of horse and rider. Exclusive patented eFluidgel technology - The special bubble in the shell greatly reduces the impact the horse’s leg could suffer due to air- and gel compression, and to their capacity to absorb shock. Free Torsion System - Special system that ensures the horse’s leg is not blocked when jumping.