Horse attire guide for beginners

Thinking about entering the equestrian domain? Or maybe you are becoming an avid horse lover and rider? Whether you are new to horses or find yourself to be quite familiar with them, take a look at our horse attire guide for beginners!


Whether you are wanting to start equestrian as a sport or perhaps you are wanting to start horse riding as more of a leisurely activity, either way horse riding can be a dangerous activity to partake in. For starters, you are situated quite high up off the ground which is automatically a risk for falling and to incur a head injury. On top of that, you are riding an animal which can travel at high speeds, which adds the risk of speed. Not only that but there is also the risk of being trampled, kicked or stepped on. Cover all bases and invest in a good quality helmet, as at the end of the day, your head is the most important area that you need to ensure that you are protecting. Gilbert’s are stockists for gatehouse helmets and gatehouse riding hats, which hold the highest manufacturer equestrian safety standard (SNELL E2001) in the world. 

Boots & Chaps

The next item which should be on your list to purchase is a pair of good quality riding boots. Riding boots have a different design to the ordinary boot or country boots that people often mistake for horse riding boots. Horse boots have a higher heel as this feature assists in keeping your foot to stay securely in the stirrup. They also are usually made from leather and never have a rubber-sole as rubber is susceptible to becoming slippery. 

Chaps are a leg piece which is worn over the top of horse boots that wrap around the shin and calf area (or alternatively, you can get ones which go up to the knee). They are used to prevent rubbing and chaffing from the stirrup leathers and to provide extra grip on the saddle.

Coat / Jacket 

Investing in a good quality winter jacket is not a necessity but definitely won’t go to waste during the cooler months. Being the nature of the activity, given that horses are situated outside, it means that you will be subject to the cooler climates. Invest in a good quality jacket to ensure that you are keeping warm and cosy whilst spending time with your horse. 

Equestrian Shirt

If you are not interested in entering the equestrian arena, as maybe a more casual style of horse riding is more of your thing, then you are free to wear whatever t-shirt or shirt that you desire. Take note though of the material and fit of the shirt as at the end of the day, horse riding is a physical activity so it would be best to wear something that allows for a wide range of movement. Breathable, lightweight materials such as cotton works best. T-shirts or long-sleeve shirts are ideal, especially during the summer as the material will protect your skin from the sun, reducing the risk of sunburn. If you are thinking of entering the equestrian arena, Gilberts have a range of top-quality equestrian apparel that will cover your functional needs whilst simultaneously allowing you to look stylish. 


Ideal horse riding pants should be tight but stretchy enough to allow for movement (the horses movement as you are riding). The correct terminology for horse riding pants is Jodhpurs or Breeches. Whilst most beginners often start out with wearing jeans, the best option is to grab a pair of jodhpurs to ensure for the ultimate comfort and protection. They are designed in such a way so that they are seamless against the skin but also provide a thick protection against the saddles and to minimise chafing. 

Gilberts is your one-stop shop for all your horse riding gear, ensuring that you and your horse are equipped with all of the best horse equipment. Browse our site today to see the options available to you.