Choosing the right apparel for the warmer months

The summer heat can cause quite the struggle for horse riding, not only for the riders but for the horses too. Whether you are an equestrian rider or perhaps just have a love for the activity, horse riding throughout the period of summer is hard to avoid. In saying that though, summer is one of the best times for horse riding due to the immaculate weather and the early morning and twilight rides. However, it is vital that you invest in a set of good quality summer apparel which can assist in keeping you feeling cooler and more refreshed whilst out in the sun’s harsh rays. Take a look at our summer wear apparel recommendations. 

Ventilated Helmet

Heat is expelled from two areas of the body: the head and feet. The addition of exercise and movement increases the amount of heat lost meaning that in order to cool your body down efficiently, it is important to ensure that these areas are well ventilated. Invest in a good quality helmet which has sufficient ventilation. The gatehouse helmets are a great choice as they provide maximum protection whilst being lightweight and fully ventilated. Take a look at the Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro

Moisture - Wicking Shirt 

Selecting the right shirt comes down to preference and functionality. During the warmer weather it is best to wear a shirt that has moisture wicking, is lightweight and loose and has SPF protection. It is important to be mindful that if you opt for a short sleeve, make sure you are constantly applying sun protection on your arms as they may burn being exposed to the sun. The Tredstep Solo Short Sleeve Competition Shirt is a great option as it is made from high performance air silk fabric which converts perspiration into cooling energy whilst also providing protection from UV rays. 

Breathable Jodhpurs 

One of the downsides of riding during summer is the fact the long pants are required, no matter what the temperature is. However, there are light weight options available which assist in cooling and sun protection. Browse through Gilberts range of Jodhpurs and Breeches and grab yourself a pair for summer.

Breathable socks & underwear 

Often forgotten about, lightweight and breathable socks and underwear are a must. Just as you would wear lightweight socks for any other form of exercise, it is just as important for horse riding (and let’s be real, who wants to end up with sweaty feet). The LeMieux Unisex Technical Socks are a great choice as they provide the right amount of support whilst also constructed with proven moisture management. Don’t forget about breathable underwear as well! Browse Gilberts range of Womens Underwear and Male Underwear which are ideal for horse riding in warm climates. 

Ventilated Gloves

No one wants sweaty, slippery hands, especially whilst trying to ride a horse and handle leather reins. Furthermore, who wants to be wearing thick winter gloves in the middle of summer? Avoid these issues altogether by investing in a pair of good quality horse riding gloves. The Haukeschmidt A Touch of Class Print gloves are a great option as they are breathable, durable and very strong yet smooth and soft enough to provide that desired level of comfort.

Short Riding Boots 

Avoid the hot leather tall boots during the warmer weather and stick with short boots to allow fresh air to circulate. Whether you are wanting lace boots, zips or the everyday jodphur boot, Gilberts have a diverse range of horse boots, catering for all needs and preferences. 

Gilberts is your one-stop shop for all your horse riding gear, ensuring that you and your horse are equipped with all of the best horse equipment. Browse our site today to see the options available to you.