A breakdown of the best horse riding trails in Australia

Australia is known for its rugged terrains, natural wonders and wide open landscapes. Discover some of the best horse riding trails that are available within Australia. 


The Kidman Trail 

Located in the Fleurieu Peninsula, Adelaide Hills, Murraylands, Barossa and Clare Valley tourism regions within South Australia, the Kidman Trail is a 269 kilometer stretch. Popular for its horse riding, cycling and walking terrain, this trail travels through forests, private land, roadsides and reserves, allowing it’s visitors to capture the true beauty that lies within the region. Named after Sir Sidney Kidman, a local horse breeder, it is only fitting that this trail is widely loved amongst fellow horse enthusiasts. Please be mindful that this trail is not for the faint hearted, as if you are wanting to complete the full horse riding trail, on average it will take 1.2 weeks. Whether you are wanting to do a small stint of the trail or make an event out of it, it is definitely not one to miss. 


The Tasmanian Trail

The Tasmanian Trail is just that, stretching for 469 km, the trail crosses right through the middle of Tasmania from top to bottom, making it a great way to explore this remote part of Australia. Passing through small countryside towns presents you with the opportunity to stop, rest and take your time throughout your journey. Due to its size, the trail will need some preparation before commencement (unless you’re only planning on doing a portion of it). There are sections of the trail that are not suitable for inexperienced riders, but there are alternative routes to go if you fall within that category. Take a look at their website to start planning your trek.  


The Great Victorian Rail Trail: Cheviot Tunnel

The Great Victorian Rail Trail is an iconic, historic railway line that spans for 134 kilometres through farmland and the Victorian high country. The Cheviot tunnel is a key feature that is incorporated within the trail, located at McLoughlin’s Gap (half way between Yea and Molesworth). Built using roughly 675,000 handmade clay bricks, the Cheviot tunnel is a historic element featured within the trail, having operated between 1883 and 1970. This trail is popular amongst horse riders, cyclists and avid walkers. 


Bago State Forest 

Located within the Tumbarumba area, the Bago State Forest is a must if you are wanting to embark on a horse trail that is encompassed by beautiful terrains. Surrounded by Australian natives and alpine ash forests, with trees that date back to the time period of the 1920’s, this trail is truly breathtaking. 

Whether you are wanting to plan a day trip or turn it into a few day event, there are stables scattered throughout the region that are available for use. Take a visit to this region located within NSW’s iconic snowy mountains. 


Noosa Trail Network

The Noosa Trail Network consists of eight picturesque remote terrains that are widely popular amongst horse riders, walkers and mountain bike riders. Due to the variety within the eight tracks, there is something to suit everyone /  all riding levels. The eight trails are well signaged, with several facilities available including picnic shelters, horse stables, water tanks and scenic lookouts. Escape Noosa’s populated beaches and discover what the area really has to offer. 


Old Horse Walking Track and Sink Track

Quite a short track compared to the previous trails mentioned but nonetheless, it still is one of the best within Australia. The looped trail spans for 3.6 km through the Northern Territories beautiful terrain, with a maximum incline gain of 60m. Suitable for all riding levels, there are a number of activities available out amongst the trek. 


Jarrahdale Bridle Trail 

Located within the heart of Jarrahdale in Western Australia, this 26km looped trek is ideal for moderate riders. With rocky and gravel sections, it is best for the horses to be booted/shod. Expect to be out for 5 hours, exploring some of Western Australia’s best terrains. With beautiful creek crossings, farmlands and forest regions, it is the perfect day activity if you are wanting to get out and explore. 

It is important to be prepared before you embark on one of these amazing horse riding trails. Check out the relevant information that is available regarding the trails, as every trail is different and has varying skill requirements. For all of your horse riding clothes and horse riding gear needs, Gilberts is your one-stop shop, ensuring that you and your horse are equipped with all the right safety gear. Browse our site today to see the options available to you.